Cakes so good…They’ll knock your socks off!

I consider myself an accidental baker. What started as a love of baked goods turned into a passion and a way to relieve stress. In 2003, a shared recipe for an absolutely delicious cake, unlike anything anyone had tasted, started an idea that baking might be more than just a hobby for me. The original recipe for a cinnamon cake was re-worked, coconut and chocolate came next, and other flavors followed. Fast forward to 2018: recognizing the demand for our delicious cakes, I left the corporate world and launched Pownd Cakes by Jen. On May 31, 2019, we opened our first Pownd Cakes location in the Palace Shops in Norfolk.

Our Pownd Cakes are a “non-traditional” version of the original pound cake. These cakes will melt in your mouth. It’s all about the texture! Come see for yourself.

—Jen Anglin, Owner